Friday, January 31, 2014

Bon Courage 11 January 27th, 2014

Bonjour a tous!! Thats what they say a the beginning of sacrament meeting and everyone says bonjour back, fun!

This week was awesome because it was zone conference so we got to spent a lot of time with President and Sister Mehr. They stayed all week because this weekend was district conference for gaudeloupe and President Mehr is the president for that so he was speaking. A word about the members here. They are awesome. They are so stoked on missionary work and they are so sick of being a district and they are willing to work to be a stake. The area 70 Elder Gamette spoke and said this will be the last district conference! Im not sure how they are going to turn 4 branches in to a stake so quickly but I want to do my part!!! He and this other guy, Frere Eclar are basically the sons of Mosiah, they just go out and do missionary work all the time and they've converted like hundreds. It makes me pumped!!! Also President Mehr spoke about how the only way to receive eternal life is to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints in the Sunday session of the conference and we had 2 amis there  so it was rather perfect. It was cool too because Elder Gamette translated as President Mehr spoke. It made each sentence just sink in that much more.

Anyway This week we got to go out and teach three of our amis with Sister Mehr. That was somewhat terrifying because she is probably the best teacher/missionary ever. Like I was amazed by how she used the scriptures and questions and just inspired these peeps!! She is so good!!

We found a chouette famille this week. The mom actually came up to us!! The dad is muslim but they are both really searching. we had a lesson with them last night and at the end the whole family (3 girls!!) prayed together in a circle on their cement floor and the dad asked if there really is a prophet on the earth today. I would say it was magical because it was but I think spiritual would be more appropriate. haha. Anyway, it was awes and we are teaching them again tonight. Im really trying to improve my teaching skills, because between me being new and not perfect at french sometimes I confuse the people a little.

Okay I feel like maybe I haven't told you enough cultural things about this place because it is actually soo different! haha
okay so instead of like ice cream trucks they have a bread truck. also they have an egg truck and it makes this like crazzzy noise when it passes I almost cried laughing. its like a pterodactyl dinosaur bird whatever.
everyone has a little corner in there house where they put their plantains and its just infested with bugs. we do not have this.
chickens frequently walk in and out of peoples houses like nbd. what?
Their favorite item of clothing is like this mesh shirt that men wear, and its just weird, Especially when you see two of them on a vespa together. #gwada.

I love my house! I love my mom! I love everything! (if you dont get that reference go to youtube asap,)

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