Friday, January 31, 2014

Bon Courage 10!! duuurrrble dirrrgets!! January 20, 2014

Bonjour ma famille et mes amis!!!
Not gonna lie this week was tough, but it ended with kind of a miracle so it was worth it. haha. This weeks theme was every canceled on us all day every day. However President Mehr suggested this thing where we go talk to the first person we see when someone cancels, because the Lord has a purpose for everything. So On Thursday we had this guy cancel on us so naturally we walked across the street to this man sitting on the side of the road. HE looked kind of Mexican because he has a sweet handlebar stach. anyway , we ended up teaching him for like 30 minutes and he was really interested, he is really searching. However, the real miracle was P. this guy came up in the middle of our lesson with T (the Mexicanish guy) and started asking us like tons of amazing questions. T left and we started teaching P and we ended up telling him to ask Heavenly Father if our message is true. Right then an there (arms out stretched naturally) he started praying out loud and asked for an answer if it was true immediately. Right after he was like "I feel it! It feels good!" We explained the Holy Ghost and he ate it all up. It was amazing. The Next day we brought him a book of Mormon and he has already read and shared it with his mom who we are teaching on tuesday. We taught him again Sunday and He is going to be baptized in 3 weeks. Also he asked us how he could be a missionary so that was chouette.
Another funtivity we had this week was called wip down a forest with machetes as a service project. it was actually unreal. Also afterwords the little old lady we did the service for made my first native  cooked meal. it was rather scary because she just tossed like whole chickens into a pot and put some columbo on it and you had to eat everything. mmmmmchicken feet. yikes.
This week we have zone conference so President and Sister Mehr will be coming out. ahhh! it will be good.

I love you!!!

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