Friday, January 31, 2014

Bon Courage 2 (MTC) November 25, 2013

This might be a little out of order and I'm sorry. Yesterday we had a devotional on, you guessed it, getting along with your comp. As we listened I thought okay I guess this is just an opportunity for me to learn! At the end the speaker had the whole room (2000 missionaries) sing "come thou fount" and I'm so grateful the Lord provided a way for me to be a part of the song. The words of that song are so powerful (prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love etc) Idk it just really spoke to me and I was basically balling because I needed that reminder to do what Jesus would do in this situation. He would love and be patient even if He had to work all day long He would do it, and obviously a much better job than I am doing. (Haha fun fact about the MTC, that song is literally being played on the piano, hummed, playing on the loud speaker, or being sung in the shower at all hours of the day, these peeps be obsesses with some come thou fount)

Tuesday-we also had devo and the guy talked about choosing the Celestial Kingdom now. It was an excellent talk and after we had discussion about it, Once again, I had one of those moments where I though "I am so lucky to be here" instead of discouraging thoughts. Thats the funny thing about the MTC, some times you feel like its a wild place but the highs are always better than the lows. I don't want to compare myself to the pioneers, but the MTC kind of reminds me of that quote from that guy from the Willy Martin handcart company where he was like "We were happy yo pay the price to become acquainted with God" I feel like this place is a really challenge for me, but it is worth it because my relationship with my Heavenly Father has become so strong! I love that.

I really love my district. Everyone really tries to get along and help each other and wants to enjoy the time we spend here. Thats the best.

Other good things:
they have that cake sometimes that mom makes for dad's birthday every year and its DA Best
we had a cupcake birthday party for my sister friend soeur francis and played that game where you write down a bunch of people and you have to describe them (zone unity to da max!)
Last night I literally had a conversation in the hallway with a brit, a French girl, and a danish girl in french and it basically just made my life.
Everyday gets a little bit better!

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