Friday, January 31, 2014

BON COURAGE!!! 8 (never has this phrase meant more than it does now) January 6th 2014

Bonjour ma famille et mes amis!! What an amazing week it has been, we finally made it here!!
The week started off in Trinidad, where the mission home is located. Sister V Sister G and I all stayed at the mission home the first night. President and Sister Mehr are awesome, they are so kind and have so so so much wisdom. They fly to every island every 3 months for zone conference so I will actually get to see them more than I thought I would. They actually ended up being on our flight to Guadeloupe (thats where I am now) because they were going to St Vincent for zone conference and the flight stopped in St. vincent on the way. The little planes that go between islands really do work like a bus and they are actually pretty scketch, there were a few times when I thought we might fall out of the sky for real though. Anyway, we spent 3 nights in Trinidad, the other 2 nights we spent with the sisters there and just did missionary work all day. Honestly I am SOOOO GLADD I an called french speaking, the french Is;ands and a million times cleaner and safer, trinidad was insane and I actually think I understand the french better than trini english. It went right over my head. haha those peeps walk around with machetes and we actually taught someone who was causually cooking some iguana over the open flame. I was so happy to get to Guadeloupe thursday night! My trainer is awesome. She works really hard and apparently baptises every transfer. Im stoked to work with her and we get along really well!!! Her name is Soeur Hawkes and I admire her so much! She was actually called english speaking but when she arrived Pres Mehr was like jk you need to teach yourself french. So she did and now she is like totally fluent!! We are teaching some really cool peeps right now. Our area, Goyave (guava in english) is super small so everyone knows who we are. We are teaching all sorts of people, including a hindu priest named M who came to church yesterday and knows the LdM is true!! We are also teaching a temoin de Jehovah (there are hecka Jehovahs witness peeps here) and some other really cool people. We have a lot of success beginning to teach here, but the people have a hard time keeping their commitments #livealoha haha. We are also teaching la famille p (a mom and dad plus three daughters) and a mom and daughter as well. They are amazing!! The key is to get mombers to teach with us. Unfortunately there are only 4 members in our area (2 of which were baptized within the last 2 weeks) so the members come from far away to help out the missionaries. We are so blessed because the members in our branch in Capasterre are super missionary minded. Last night we had a lesson on eternal families with a new investigator named SAmeria and la famille bon bon (branch president) and it was amazing! This family is sooo great, they do so much for the missionaries and they have only been members for 8 years. They are so strong and lead the branch so well. We are having FHE with them and new convert named Christine tonight.
I LOVE IT HERE!! I feel so blessed right now to be in an area that is seeing a lot of success and miracles with a hard working and fun comp in a beautiful part of the world. I'll be more specific about my progressing investigators next week but I've only been here since thursday soo uhhh (I dropped my jokers sooo uh....)
BON COURAGE!! haha Im working on having courage to speak more because its scary when natives speak and you don't know what is happening!!! haha
Je vous aime!!!
soeur abs

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