Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Book of Mormon is a MIRACLE- July 21, 2014

Fill the World with the BOOK OF MORMON
This week was great, I'm really trying to focus on all the amazing miracles the Lord has given us. Like we talked about at Zone Conference, the Book of Mormon is really the tool that will bring people closer to Christ.  Last night, we went to this appointment that I was pretty sure was going to fall through. As we walked up to the house the family was getting out of the car from the beach. I was sure that they were going to tell us to come back later but much to my surprise the mother invited us in and we helped her carry some stuff upstairs. We sat down and she said "I read the Book of Mormon, I really loved it! I couldn't put it down!" She had read 3 Nephi 11 so we discussed it a little and talked about the way Jesus Christ established baptism by His authority. Her response was "You are right!" She believes it is the word of God and we are really excited for her. Sister Vance shared Moroni 10:3-5 with her. When Joanna read the first line she said "this is so weird; this is exactly the answer to my next question!" It was such a cool miracle lesson and sister Vance and I were just so happy. I just cried while we said a thankful prayer.

This morning I went back and read the chapters she read, but in english (sometimes reading in my own language just makes the words hit me harder) and it was just so awesome. I loved that I could feel the spirit of the words of Christ the way she felt them. She just loved it and we talked about the spirit. It was so cool because we talked about how everyone feels the spirit differently; I talked about how I feel the spirit when I feel happy, and when I know something is true I feel joy and peace. She said thats how she felt when she read the book of Mormon. Ah it was just such a cool lesson and it was crazy because I feel like I literally did nothing. It was all because of the Book of Mormon and the Spirit. If only I could remove my self like that from every lesson!

Read the Book of Mormon breakfast lunch and dinner and invite your friends.
haha thats another thing, when I get home Im going to be the best member missionary ever! haha new goal.

all you need is love