Friday, January 31, 2014

Bon Courage 9 January 13, 2014

bonjour famille!
This week has def had its ups and downs, but fortunately mostly ups. It is very hard to type on a french keyboard so sorry if this is short!
Okay before I begin I have to tell you about this magical food you can only get in Guadaloupe: THE BOKIT. It is like a sandwich on a donut and its so bad for me whoops. But we are teaching the guy who sells them later today so I guess Ill just have to eat some for the sake of the work. Also mom he sells them out of a food truck so I feel right at home here in goyave. hehe
OKAY this week was crzy it is seriously hard work all day every day. I fall asleep in about 30 seconds every night. But its because we are teaching and finding all day every day and it is awesome. It is easy to get a little homesick at times but working makes it better!
M our hindu priest investigator who we are going to set a baptismal date with this week, he is awesome because he reads the book of mormon like thats a rarity here because people are so laid back they dont keep their commitments, we are working on that.
LA FAMILLE P this fam we've been teaching who got ahold of some anti morm stuff, but we went over the other night and we were BOLD but loving obvi and they are stoked on finding out if the gospel is true for themselves. The bopn bons theat celestial fam I told you about is helping us out a lot with them, They have 3 little girls and we gave them an illustrated bom and they love it!!!
N rasta dominican who is stoked on the gospel. He gets a little distracted sometimes with his rando theories but he is so nice and reads a lot, its awes.
S is a new members daughter and she is soaking it up! its amazing.

I am a real missionary now!! And its so fun and hard and rewarding. so many miracles, like the other night we were getting approached by a creeper and the gendemerie cme at just the right moment to save us, they are basically guadeloupe swat team haha. The work is great here and I love it! I miss you all so much and i fear that millie and eva are forgetting who I a, so please remind them.

love abs

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