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Bon Courage 3 (Happy Thanksgiving-read that in the Cammy Fuller voice) December 2, 2013

Its thanksgiving. -millie
Sorry my subject is never very creative, but Bon Courage is still my favorite french phrase! 

So since at the end of last week I kind of felt like I had done the first week twice (this is not a good thing) I decided I would make sure that this week would be the best week so far. It def was. At the beginning of the week Soeur Reichelt gave me some advice that helped her love  the MTC-fast. So on Monday I fasted and IT WORKS!! There are so many times in my life where I have seen the power of fasting and sincere prayer and I've really seen it this week, we are getting along and laughing more.  
For example, in the MTC for the first week your teacher is your "ami d'eglise" (investigator) but no one knows they are actually your teacher. She happened to know the "investigator" for one of the other districts (in their fourth week, so they already knew it was their teacher) and Sis G told them their investigator was a member. After she ran around saying Oh No! I have to repent!! Everyone was trying so hard to keep in their laughter ahahaa oh the tricks and entertainment in the MTC. weird.  

   Some big successes this week: sometimes I go in as a member to Sister Vance and Sister Gill's lessons and we had one this week where Frere Smith (Fabrice-our first fakeout investigator) said we should keep doing exactly what we are doing so thats good! I feel like I am getting much better at teaching and learning to keep it simple is key!! We really have to learn how to tune into the channel of the spirit. We talked about that in district meeting yesterday and each of us wrote down how we would tune in. I wrote "love others" because through loving others we can learn their needs. Also, we can never work with or teach people that we have contention with, so thats a goal I'm really working on: Love Others. 

Thanksgiving was a little weird and def not the best thanksgiving meal I've had but it was still a fun day. (the pumpkin pie did have sugar in it so that was a plus) We got some freedom to walk all the way to the Temple and we also got to do a service project which translates to an hour of my favorite activity: VISITING! haha

All my friends that are headed to Lyon leave a week from today so I'm sad but I'm planning a goodbye party so if you have any game ideas please help! greatly appreciated

Elder Nelson came and spoke to us on Thanksgiving and he talked about the importance of Members and missionaries working together. I feel prompted to ask you to all look for missionary opportunities and watch the video on the hastening the work website. We need to work together to bring our friends the wonderful message of the truth of the restored gospel GET PUMPED! cause missionary work is fun! 

 Okay last little thing: every day I have this weird little burst of excitement about getting into the field like I just want to get up and DANCE but guess what theirs no dancing in the MTC #footloose But honestly I'm so excited to teach people because I am so happy learning about the gospel here and I just want to share it!! I really get what Lehi was talking about now! SO STOKED

Funny Stuff:
My branch President's wife is Bette Midler no joke (jk but they are twins)
I ran into Angela Shueltz and she looks great, exactly the same as she did 5 years ago.
The blue ray player wasn't working for the movie so elder mayfield said "just give it a blessing!" #MTCjokes

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE THIS WEEK!! The packages and notes make my life!!! I'm so grateful to be blessed with the most loving family in the world and I'm so grateful that we all are active in the church and have the same goals. 

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