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Bon Courage 5 December 16, 2013

Bonjour Ma Famille!

Comment-allez vous?

As shown above, I'm really mastering French. haha jk. But I will say it is coming along! Its kind of stressful now that I will be in the Indies two weeks from today!! It is easy to think "um okay how am I supposed to learn this language and understand their weird french once I get there." which is what I often think in my head, but I just try to remember that my calling is from Heavenly Father and  with His help I will come to understand what He would have me say! What could be more encouraging?? rien. (nothing. haha)

This week has been great, I am totally loving the MTC now. It is amazing to be surrounded by people all with this desire to serve the Lord. There are so many interesting people with crazy backgrounds who have given so much to be here. This week our zone got 15 new people, all of which are going to Paris or Lyon, we have one elder from Austria (the hills are alive!! haha he really does yodel its actually a dream come true currently trying to convince him to yodel in the Christmas talent show) Another elder came from Germany and another came from Hungary. The Hungarian one literally sold all his possessions to come on a mission. It makes me so grateful to have the opportunity to serve!! They are so dedicated and it was nice to get some new faces here. There are four new sisters, and they are all already like bffs which is amazing!! They are all headed to Paris, which is kind of crazy because two of the four are straight out of high school, like I can't imagine how crazy that change is! I just love all of them.

This week we heard from Elder Cook for our Tuesday night Devo and it was awesome. He talked about the importance of our calls and that the Lord trusts His missionaries. I was so grateful to be reminded of that because, like I said, sometimes I question why these islanders would listen, but its because our message is true and they will feel the spirit! Ahhhh Its so awesome.

Last night we heard from the BYU men's choir and it was so chouette!! (sweet) music from the outside world!! Haha jk I really loved it because I was feeling pretty sad that I wouldn't hear the Janine Wynn rendition of O Holy Night (my favorite Christmas tradition) this year, but they sang it and it was wonderful! Not quite Janine Wynn, but it will suffice. haha.

Its getting down to the last few weeks here in the MTC, in fact next Monday is my last p-day here! the next Monday, Dec 30 I'll be in the air celebrating new years on my way to Trinidad! I'm still in need of all your favorite scriptures, as my father is the only one thats sent me one! I know you all love the scrips! I want to write your names in mine next to your favorite verses!

Joyeux Noel, everyone drink an extra Chick Fil A peppermint milkshake for me!

Love, Soeur Abby

Some funny things overheard at the MTC:
when someone was explaining their dad's job: "He is basically district leader of a factory" what.
from my Australian soeur during a volley-ball game "that elder is manly-as!"
any time people in the french zones use french sentence structure in english by accident for ex I always say "is it that...?" now and "good evening" yes I'm becoming very proper. haha.


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