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Bon Courage 4 December 9, 2013

Merry Christmas!! The season is in full swing here at the MTC! In fact we watched the first Presidency Christmas devo last night and it was totes great, I recommend you watch it. Also funny thing: the lady that gave the opening prayer spoke to the sisters yesterday morning at relief society and she was amazing!!! Most notes I've ever taken in a relief society meeting in my life. She is the second councilor in the YW general presidency and she spoke about missionary work and Christmas and the atonement. She said "You need to love the Lord Jesus Christ so much that nothing will stop you from sharing the message of the restored gospel" fantastic. She also spoke about how we don't create love ourselves when it is hard to love someone, it comes from the source of all love, the Savior. That is true!! I feel like if I didn't have Christ's example and guidance in my life I would be a lot more bitter to those around me, but with Christ, all things are possible! This week my love for my companion has grown so much, its actually insane. She is still very different from me but we get along and laugh and want to be together. #blessed.

Another victory of this week:
Sister Gutierrez and I taught our "amie d'egilse" this week and instead of writing out everything we are going to say we decided to get a general Idea of the questions we wanted to ask, a good grip on the vocab, and try to use less notes and rely on the spirit more. Even though they are fake investigators, the spirit is so so so strong! One of them "committed" to be baptized. I can't wait for that to happen from real! The more we teach the more sister Gutierrez is confident speaking and so it gets better every day!!

I used to be really frustrated that I had to wait so long to come here, but I'm so grateful that I am here right now because I absolutely love all my teachers, my branch presidency and I am I learning what the Lord needs me to know so I'm less mad about having to wait so long and glad I am here now, and I got to spend a few extra months hangin with my fam.

FAMILY: I need your favorite scriptures because I'm working on marking up my french ones! My seminary teacher Sister Earnest used to always wrote our names next to the scriptures we shared in class and I want to do that too! If you could email me your favorite one and why, or just one you know could help someone I might teach I would love love love it! One of my new goals is to better know the scriptures, because as Frere Smith says, the scriptures speak better French than I do. haha so true.

We had one of my favorite devos this week on Tuesday. Elder Hafenl. It was actually supposed to be Elder Ballard, but I guess he got snowed in or something. (haha it was kind of funny because everyone was expecting a member of the 12, and then this emeritus 70 walked in, the gasp was hilar) but it was amazing. He told a story about this new missionary he was training on his mission who had found a lady he was sure was going to be baptized the day before on a split. They searched for hours and hours even though Hafen wanted to quit, they kept going. Just last year, forty years after they found the lady and she was baptized. Elder Hafen was able to attend the sealing of her granddaughter in the Switzerland temple. Thats the goal!! it was awesome.

I'm so glad everyone had fun in NY and I'm STOKED FOR BLYTHE AND PAUL!!! yayayayayayayy!!!

The church is true and I'm so happy to be here!
Love you!
Soeur Abby

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