Monday, August 25, 2014

Invite everyone to the church, build a grandstand if you want to!! haha Father of the Bride- August 25th, 2014

Hey fam!
Okay we didn't exactly have to build a grandstand for church yesterday but we sure did have to add chairs as more and more people showed up for sacrament meeting!! It was the most people we have had there since I've been in the group! and it was a miracle. The picture below is of the family Nestor, cousins of Tosta. They are so cool and the two smallest boys are the counterparts of eva and millie. The older one is nine and is so nice to the younger one who is four. This family is so cool.

Tosta has still not had her baby, which is really throwing off the whole Chris and Jr, her bros, getting baptized thing. But we are praying for and expecting miracles. Yesterday Chris (13) Jr (10) and Mezina, their neighbor (14) all fasted so they could be baptized the 6th of September. Meznia told us that her mom told her she was crazy but "I believe in my fast" I just cried. These 3 amigos just have so much faith and it is amazing to watch their conversion. They are so committed because of the spirit and the Book of Mormon, they love it!

Okay I have to tell you about this service project. So theres this one email shop in Moule that is like super expensive. We went to it a few weeks ago and it was like disgusting inside, like hasn't been cleaned in 5 years. We asked if we could clean it for him and so we went back this saturday and started dusting this place that has not been wiped down in so long! We were like "monseiur, what the heck?" just kidding but we were very concerned. He just kept saying, in english, "eet needs a roomans touch"

The first half of the week I spent in St Maarten and Martinique, it was so cool, the first time I have been off gwada in a very very long time. I saw my bestie soeur tenney which was such a treat!! It was like perfect friends plus missionary work equals heaven.