Monday, April 28, 2014

Its So Happy!! April 28th, 2014

Hello! One hour on the computer is definitely not enough to fully
describe the miracles of this week! It was Zone Conference so we only
had a little bit of time in Goyave but the time we did have was
awesome!! Its all because of the awesome members here.

Chloe. Okay I would like to recount to you the entire miracle of Chloe
to you but its just not as good in writing. One of Sister Valmys
daughters invited her to this roadshow thing we had a few weeks ago
and she came to church and conference after that. We taught her a few
times chez Valmy and set a baptismal date of the 3rd of May with her.
On Friday, we followed up with her after an awesome lesson with her
and Sister Mehr and she still didn't know if she wanted to be baptized.
We decided to pray all together. At first, her prayer was great, but
afterwards Sister Valmy taught her all about how your prayer has to be
specific (that went on about 15 minutes, and she described how she
prayed to have a yellow house, by the river, with no backyard
neighbors and thats exactly what she has, it was great) So then sister
Valmy was like okay I'll pray first. She prayed and asked if Chloe
should be baptized May 3rd in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints. The spirit was so strong. After that Chloe said 'My turn!' and
asked again very specifically. It was amazing. We asked her how she
felt after and the first thing she said was 'nothing' we just waited
in silence and all of a sudden she put her hand on her heart and said
I feel it! Its so HAPPY. That was one of the best things I have heard
my whole mission. That is exactly what the spirit is. Its so Happy.
She is getting baptized this Saturday along with Sister Valmys 9 year
old son, both by her oldest son who just got ordained to the office of
priest so that he could preform the ordinance. This family is seeing
so many blessings from the missionary work they are doing.

Fabrice. He is this man I met probably my 3rd week with Sister Hawkes.
We have been teaching him ever since, and he has been kind of
stagnant. However, we had a rendezvous scheduled with someone else on
tuesday night and we brought President Bonbon, but the monsieur wasn't
there, so we brought President Bonbon to Fabrice and they totally hit
it off. We went back on Saturday and he had read 250 pages of the Book
of Mormon!! So cool; MEMBERS.

Also I will be opening up a new area next transfer with Sister Vance
in Le Moule, over on the Grande Terre side of the island. Im pretty
excited, its in a group instead of a branch, so that will be a fun

I love you and I love my mission, its so happy!!

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