Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I think its like week 20 or something! BON COURAGE

Okay so this week was marked with some pretty cool stuff! It kinda makes me sad that P Day is on Monday because all this cool stuff happens in the week, but then sunday comes and if the cool peeps don't come to church all the stories seem less cool. Haha I just tell you anyway.

The first kind of funny thing that has been happening is that M our Hindu Priest basically dry member has been inviting people over at the time we have lessons scheduled so we end up teaching them together, he is like already a member missionary just not baptized. Come on man! Anyway, they are usually his male relatives that are our age so we are suspicious that he is trying to set us up with them. But we just end up talking about the gospel with them so. We are bringing him to a members house for Soiree Familial tonight which should be great. I'm hoping that at conference this weekend he will see what he needs to do. We are teaching a lesson about conference and how he should bring a question and it will be answered if he does. Its gonna be good I'll let you know how that all goes.

P is once again tinkering with my stress level daily, because he has given up so much because he knows the church is true but satan is just trying to make sure that he doesn't get baptized so there have been a lot of obstacles. HOWEVER we had an awesome lesson with him on friday with President Bonbon and Patrick was just so excited about the temple and decided to give up coffee and it was great.

Friday night was the weirdest ever because our mission president allowed us to go to this road show thing and we didn't get home until midnight! It was quite the wild fete. haah but it was so good and they did this slide show of the history of the church in the west indies and it was so cool to see pics of all the leaders on their missions and on their wedding days! It just made me motivated because most of them are just people missionaries contacted! Eternal Families!

One thing I have been learning is that the Lord is preparing me at the same time he is preparing people I will get to teach. I am not that great of a teacher yet but the experiences I am having and the lessons I am learning are preparing me to teach an eternal family! I know that! And I am so grateful for this opportunity I am having to come to better know the Savior and my Heavenly Father. I never imagined so great a blessing!

I love you!!

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