Tuesday, May 6, 2014

hey pics are worth a thousand words May 5th, 2014

Okay so This week was great even though we had to spend sooooo many hours moving into the new goyave apartment (uhhh we got evicted whoops) It is about a third of the size of the old apartment but its so fun because its like this little west indian bungalow shack and it feels like girls camp all the time! haha jk I shower every day.

Other than that, this week was pretty good. D. WAS BAPTIZED BY HIS BROTHER!! This is something sister v. has been waiting for for a long time. D. as well; he is probably the most in tune 9 year old I have ever met (I mean besides Eva as an 8 year old) He just gets everything and bore the sweetest testimony after he was baptized. He (and by he i mean sister v.) asked me to give the talk on Baptism and sister Tenney to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. We naturally wrapped a blanket around him during the Holy Ghost talk (fun fact: it doesn't translate to comforter quite as well as it does in English but it still worked okay) It was great and he wore the blanket around church the whole next day. F. our investigator who has read like a third of the Book of Mormon came to the baptism and stayed for so long just singing hymns and all of the V. extended family came (not members) Another Fun Fact: 80 percent of investigators who attend a baptismal service get baptized. aka WOW.

Yesterday at church Sister V. got up and bore her testimony about how she had been praying to be more loving and to have more love in her life and she said 'So God sent me the Sister Missionaries' I was just crying a lot. Im so so so sad to leave Goyave! Ive learned here why Im really here as a missionary; its actually just to help people in whatever way possible. I've changed from number hunting to really understanding how to love people. I've seen how putting the needs of others in front of our own desires is how we can truly keep our eyes single to the Glory of God. Im so grateful for the opportunities I had to serve with Sister Hawkes and Sister Tenney. They have both taught me so much. Sister Tenney is so ready to train, she will be so good at it. She brings joy wherever she goes and that will bless the lives of many. At the same time she knows how to teach and has really helped me become a better teacher. She wants to do everything she can to serve the Lord. As sad as I am to leave Goyave, I am even more excited to go find the people the Lord is preparing in Moule. I know I have much to learn there with Sister Vance, and I am so excited for the opportunity to serve there. We will do all we can to find less actives there and teach the members' friends. Is there any other advice you have concerning opening up a new area?

I love you and I am trying to send many pictures!!

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