Monday, April 7, 2014

bon courage 184th semi annual general conference

Hello Mother and Dad (haha does that sound like an old person?)

This week was pretty good, I am still easily frustrated with myself due to my lack of baptisms. satan really works hard to make you feel worthless, but thats just not how Heavenly Father wants us to feel! Discouragement is like the ultimate tool of the adversary because not only do you feel lame it just makes you less productive and its like win win for him. Thats why I liked Elder Bednars talk so much, it was so perfectly explained. He is so good at taking something complicated and making it so simple. I wish I could have talked to you about his talk Christmas Day in the MTC, it was just so good! Its crazy how much I wish I could tell you in this short email time, like you probably wonder what we actually do all day, like I wish I could just recount all of the great stories! hahaa but the reason I am on a mission has definitely changed from going on an adventure and having great experiences to really Im here because the Lord needs me to serve these people. Thats something Sister Tenney has really taught me. We aren't here for us! Like in every aspect of missionary work, its just so much more important to teach as the Savior would, which I am learning that if you really love the people you teach you have to invite them to keep the commandments boldly. Thats the only way! If you really love them you have to tell them the truth.

Conference was awesome!!! and our amis were really interested in watching it, it will be so fun to follow up and see what they thought during this week. It was so powerful. I actually learned a lot! #growth. I went in with the question of how can I better help my amis and the answer was sooooo clear from the very first talk LOVE. It is the heart of this work. And even though I oft felt inadequate, I can always LOVE. I really feel like thats what Heavenly Father wanted me to learn from this conference.

Haha this week was april fools and so Sister Tenney and I took some of the oreos that grandma sent me and filled them with toothpaste and gave them to the elders in our district they all ate them! hahaha classique.

Sister Valmy is this awesome member I think I have told you about but let me just expand for a sec because she just got called to be a member missionary and is on fire! She asks all our amis if she can sent them daily texts with livre de Mormon scriptures and she is just ammmmaaaaazzzzz. She has six kids and her husband left the church to be an evangelist pastor so I'm not really sure how she does it but she is just so faithful and so good at helping the people!! She loves our amis and just will do everything for them!! also the other day she bought me a diet coke so that was fun too.

Oh the amis, these last few weeks our amis have been at the point where they are either going to go all the way or choose not too, so we have been setting a lot of baptismal dates, and when we do that its the time when, as preach my gospel says, "they are backed up to the wall of faith" sometimes they run away but we have faith that the Lord tell them what they need to do through the Holy Ghost. Stay tuned. We are teaching this great family right now with 5 kids and let me tell you, the spirit is just soooo strong when you are teaching families!! My favorite part of the week was the daughter in laws prayer at the end of the lesson (on our knees....aka the besssstttt!!!!) Families will be eternal!!!

I love you!!

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