Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Joyeux Pacques!!! April 21, 2014

Bonjour Famille! Joyeux Pacques!!  This week was great and Easter was great as well. Although I can't tell you much about Guadeloupian traditions because our senior couple is tahitian and was kind of disgusted by the idea of having crab for Easter Dinner. Thats the Guadeloupian tradish. So naturally, we had some spam rice stuff. Classic tahitians. Sunday morning we even dyed eggs! And by we I def mean just me and Sister Tenney. Mine was a sunrise as shown in the pic attached. It was quite the ordeal to find white eggs last p day. haha. Also the easter bunny came!! ahah we got some white chocolate in our easter baskets which were actually just some bowls we had in our house. #mission

So we did a split this week which was really cool! Its crazy we aren't the only sisters on the Island anymore! Anyway, Sister R (sister H comp) came and worked with me in Goyave and it was great! We taught C, who is a member referral from sister V daughter. she is 14 and she is getting baptized in just a few weeks! She is soo cool and asks great questions! Its kind of hard to focus because she is well, 14, but she has such a desire to do whats right!! We are really excited for her. After that we went searching for that rasta guy who came up to us last week. We were asking everyone who lives up near the Jungle and we ended up finding a cool family on the way! Also on our search for F, aka Kungofaja (thats his new rasta name) we crossed a river!! It felt very exotic. Now we know where he lives and will be reactivating him as soon as possible, but it is kinda hard to get rastas passed the whole "locks" thing. They all think the bible commands us to never cut our hair. fun!

Thursday we were on our way to an appointment and we were riding our bikes to W, she is twenty and getting baptized the 17th, and we got caught in the middle of a big bike race! Everyone was yelling ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ aka go go go! and we were just really lame in our skirts but it was hilar. the peleton passed us pretty quickly! The lesson was great and she was asking a ton of great questions and really wants to be sure. The best part is at the end of all her lessons when she asks us to give her chapters to read. I love when people commit themselves to things!

Also we are teaching French Jack Sparrow. He is so cool and said to us the other day "I think I am going to join the Mormons" there isn't really any such thing as sarcasm in the french language so we should be giving him a baptismal date this week!

Over all it was a great week and we are continuing to love Goyave. It is Zone Conference this week so I am excited to get rebooted for the upcoming transfer. I love being a missionary!!!

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