Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bon Courage; I forgot which week it is

Hello from Goyave for a third transfer aka PRAYERS ANSWERED! Thats right Sister Tenney and I will be staying here in Goyave for goyave season.

Okay so this week was great and the best part was our shadow with the zone leaders on friday. It was great because in this mission there are just no sisters so we are kind of paving the way for new sisters coming, so there are minimal sisters to look up to and see their success. It was nice to see how missionaries who have been out for a while (in fact one of them leaves tomorrow) teach with boldness and are so focused. Anyway, the shadow was friday and we taught Max which was super stressful because I just want him to get baptized. Its crazy how these people just become your friends and you want them to see eternity! Anyway, Elder Tolman and Elder Santos taught with us about obedience and although he didn't commit to get baptized an hour later, as I had hoped, he did share his testimony of the Book of Mormon, the spirit, and how the gospel has changed his life. It was real life! not just the MTC teachers!
We also taught Jimmy who is this awesome guy who struggles to read daily. By the end he was so excited about reading! It was amazing how the spirit testified of the importance of the Book of Mormon. Thats the thing, there are just no reasons good enough for not reading the Book of Mormon, it changes lives!
We have discovered that our morning jog has been rather effective, in fact we contact someone almost every day because gaudeloupians are just out really early and go to bed really early. This week was kind of funny though because this random dog followed us all the way home and we had to run away from it so it wouldn't
come in the house
also yesterday was this big celebration for the Relief Society and everyone at church wore yellow and blue, which was pretty cute, and we ate some coco cake (these people LOVE their coconut) The branch is great because they all just do silly things like that all the time and its so cute.

So excited for this transfer because we are going to baptize and some people are going to have eternal life and that just makes me so excited!!! Eye single to the Glory of God!


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