Monday, March 3, 2014

Bon Courage 16 I love it I love it I love it! March 3rd, 2014


The title of this email this week is "i love it i love it i love it" because there were a couple times this week when I was honestly so happy to be here! Im usually pretty happy here but for some reason I really felt the spirit this week through joy. I love that. Sometimes the spirit can just be so strong when you are loving the work and actually enjoying it.

One funny thing that I keep forgeting to tell you every week is that the singing in Sacrament is really a treat. Everyone in the branch is just a little off key and they all sing as loud as they can. It kind of reminds me of that part in the glupps when they are on their way to san fransiscy but they randomly get trapped at that school with the mean teacher and she makes them sing, because thats exactly what it sounds like! ahaahah i think i just realized how weird the glupps is.

Anyway, This week started out with us being a little frustrated because we had a lot of random things we had to do that were cutting into our work time; stuff like going to the city with the senior couple to sign stuff and other things like that. I think one of the big lessons the Lord is teaching me is to be patient. Patent with others, patient with people taking a long time to get baptized, patient with myself and french, patient with my lack of teaching skills. Anyway, we just decided after all of the housekeeping things were out of the way for the week to work hard and accept that some things are out of our control. This is a lesson I am taking a very long time to learn.

M our Hindu priest friend is really progressing and has made church a part of his life. He goes every week for all three hours now! He will hopefully be baptized by the end of the month, but people here sometimes think it takes like years to prepare for baptism so thats kind of hard. I think its because there is this religion here where you pay a bunch of money and you grow your hair out for 3 years in preparation for your baptism. classic west indies. But the miracle this week with him was that he called us on friday and was like I have something to do sunday morning so I cant come to church, which kind of made us super worried because we had just committed him to keep the Sabbath. We were fasting this week for him to feel ready for his baptism and then a miracle happened!  Saturday night he called us and was like "I did all the things I needed to today so I could go to church and rest on Sunday" Fasting=miracles!! I now the spirit touched him so he would feel he needed to do that.

The other miracle this week was that we reconnected with P! We had kind of half dropped him because he kept missing appointments and stuff like that, he is a little up and down. BUT after about a week and a half of avoiding him we felt prompted to call him. We finally had another lesson with him, and he wanted us to come back the next day and the next day. Last night he asked us if he could set a baptismal date! So things are looking up for him.

We also started trying something new this week that I am really excited about. A lot of times people just want to talk to us to talk about religion and not really to hear about our church, so we decided to just point them towards the Book of Mormon. There is this great story from President Hinkley where he had this investigator with some question and President Hinkely said " all the answers are in the Book of Mormon" after the ami had read through 2 Nephi he still hadn't found the answer, so President Hinkley said "just keep reading" finally when he finished the book of Mormon the question didn't matter because he had gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Chouette!

so overall it has been a great week and the first half of this transfer has been setting us up to hopefully find some miracles in the next few weeks.da da da da da Im Lovin it.

soeur eyre

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