Monday, March 10, 2014

BON COURAGE 17, March 10th, 2014

Bonjour mes amis! Another great week out here in Paradise. Sister Tenney and I are doing well and loving working hard together. This week we got BIKES which was like Christmas and I realized I really missed my daily bike ride down to Newport, so I am glad to have that back, it is rather pleasant and you'll be happy to know much safer because we can just speed away from creepers! win win! But really the bikes help us get around so so much faster and we can just be so much more effective, love it!

Also fun fact about this week I received many a picture email from Avis,  so that was fun.

So M. Let me just tell you he is sooooo ready to get baptised, like he is best friends with all the members and feels like a part of the branch the only thing holding him back is his Girlfriend. "copine" en francias. Its really frustrating because that is actually a theme here, men are always really interested but their wives are always like no. We are really trying to focus on the priesthood and how he can be an example to his family. He wants an eternal family so badly! Its crazy to look at our teaching record for him and see like how much he has learned, like he even keeps the word of wisdom and just offers everyone rides to church and Im just so excited for him to be baptised but this one little thing is holding him back.

We also found this miracle lady last night, when we were trying to track down E, copine of M. We went over to where Max described but couldn't find her and we ended up finding this lady who is just so prepared! She has studied with the missionaries before and has family in the church so we are super excited to teach her.

Also this week Sister Tenney and I are planning a Soiree Familale (FHE) for the branch and inviting all our amis! If you think of any fun games to play we would love to hear them.

Over all things are going well and we are teaching a lot of really cool peeps, the hard part is just getting them to take the next step of Baptism. Sister Tenney and I were talking about the importance of our mesage and our calling and how short we have to do the best we can, and I just really want to use this time in the best way I can, because in the grand scope of things it is really so so short!

Sure love ya, gotta go baptise!

Soeur Abs

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