Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'll go where you want me to go, I guess..

Hey Fam, these are pictures of some of my best friends on the mish. Transfer calls came this week and I was totally expecting to stay with Sister Bailey in the Moule through Christmas, but I guess the Lord has prepared families in Martinique that SISTER TENNEY and I need to go find. It is a very bittersweet feeling. I love Moule, it was an experience I will never forget. That area has so many challeneges but we were blessed to see so many miracles. I love it so so so much. The people there are so special. I had some of the most spiritual experiences of my life in Moule as well as the tiny house where we met for church in Mourne-a-l'eau. The Lord guided us all the time. Sister Bailey is one of my best friends, and she has taught me so much in our time here. She taught me real faith and we worked so well together.  Ive lived in Gwada for almost a year now so its really weird to be leaving. I love the members and all the missionaries here. It is so special. But there is work to be done and things to be learned in Martinique and Im so stoked to be with my other best mission friend again!!! Haha this time we might actually have a clue of how to do missionary work!! Its going to be great. I never ever thought I would go to Martinique, but the Lord has a plan. I leave Wednesday!

So this week has been kinda weird with transfer calls and all, but we were able to have some really spiritual lessons. We had a couple of really weird disappointments, but, to quote the Joseph Smith movie (which I have seen about 30 times through the course of my mission) Never get discouraged brethren. But let me tell you about L and D. Remember the less active that we randomly found in the street? Okay so Frere Felsina, Sister Vance and I met him and he drove away from us while we were talking to him and the second time he gave us his number finally and now the last two weeks he and his girlfriend have come to church!! and next week his son is!! This brother is a priesthood holder and such a miracle that the spirit touched him and he is making changes again in his life. He is so happy. His girlfriend was not excited before and def fought with us once over some false doctrine, but now she wants to be baptized!! She has the spirit more in her life and she just glows when we talk with her and at church! They are so special.

This whole family is all so ready for baptism. I literally think they will finally do it like 2 week after I leave. We asked them the baptismal questions last night and they all just have such strong testimonies! They just need to do it. Any ideas?

Well next weeks email will be from Martinique!! ahhhhh that is so werid; gwada is all I know!! But i am stoked and it should be great

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